Wednesday, 5 July 2006


just thought you should all know that im so scared i cant sleep. this is such a huge step for me. its the "grown up" job. im scared.

scared out of my freakin mind...

First day.

Okay, so I felt like a kindergardener today because it was my first day at my new job. I got up, got ready, was even prepared to take the bus when all hell broke loose. At least in my mind it did. You see, It started to rain. Pouring humid sheets of rain *plinked* and tricled down all over my courderoy jacket. Nick decided that it would be better if he held my hand and walked me to my little classroom door. figuratively speaking people! but he took me to work making himself an hour late to his own job.

You should have seen us circling the parking lot! First I have to tell you that the site is an entire city block big... yes... that big... so imagine to my disdain as we finally found the building I needed to be at and I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how to get in. Finally someone clued me ino to go to the back of the building where there, in good sized letters, "LOBBY". well duh. So being the good girl that I am, I was early thank god, and was the first to be there. So I sat, and waited for my other new co-workers to show up. One showed up just at 8 AM and so we waited for the other... waited... and waited... and finally at 8:30 the recruiter took us back calling the last guy MIA.

I filled out all my paperwork (for those who are curious... MIA finally showed up way late. what an ass.) and was shown which way to go to meet my new boss. Mind you that I figured I would be a personal admin. turns out I am the admin for an entire department!!! Talk about crazy. I walked across the "campus" and met the people i would be working with. They are all pretty cool and its a real tight knit group. they all seemed to like me just fine and it was good they showed me my little cubied off office area and i get my own desk with my own stuff and its so much nicer then what i was used to. our little office has a fridge and microwave and water and all kinds of good stuff in it! I am just so happy to be there. you have no idea! its a foot in the door with an amazing company that has decided to keep their workers in america as well as across the world! theres good and bad to everything and right now i am just stoked!

so there it is. my first day.. did i mention they have a full service gym inside my building? oh thats just damned awesome! im sure the luster will wear off soon but i feel really good with these people and what i will be doing so i can finally say that im happy.