Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Approve, so I felt like a kindergardener today

Approve, so I felt like a kindergardener today on the grounds that it was my first day at my new employment. I got up, got prepared, was even arranged to take the transport when poo hit the fan. At any rate in my brain it did. You see, It began to rain. Spilling damp sheets of downpour *plinked* and tricled down everywhere on my courderoy coat. Scratch concluded that it would be better on the off chance that he held my hand and strolled me to my little classroom entryway. allegorically talking individuals! be that as it may he took me to work making himself a hour late to his own particular occupation. 

You ought to have seen us surrounding the parking area! Initially I need to let you know that the site is a whole city square enormous... yes... that huge... so envision to my hatred as we at long last discovered the building I required to be at and I proved unable, for the life of me, evaluate how to get in. At long last somebody educated me ino to go to the once again of the building where there, in great estimated letters, "Anteroom". well duh. So being the great young lady that I am, I was early thank god, and was the first to be there. So I sat, and held up for my other new collaborators to appear. One appeared exactly at 8 AM thus we held up for the other... held up... furthermore held up... lastly at 8:30 the selection representative took us back calling the last gentleman MIA. 

I rounded out all my paperwork (for the individuals who are interested... MIA at long last showed up way late. what an ass.) and was demonstrated which approach to go to meet my new supervisor. Mind you that I figured I would be an individual administrator. turns out I am the administrator for a whole division!!! Discuss insane. I strolled over the "yard" and met the individuals i would be working with. They are all really cool and its a true tight sew bunch. they all appeared to like me fine and dandy and it was great they demonstrated to me my minimal cubied off office territory and i get my work area with my own particular stuff and its so much more pleasant then what i was utilized to. our little office has a refrigerator and microwave and water and different types of great stuff in it! I am simply so blissful to be there. you have no clue! its a foot in the entryway with an astounding organization that has chosen to keep their specialists in america and in addition over the world! theres great and awful to everything and at this time i am simply stoked! 

so there it is. my first day.. did i specify they have a full administration exercise center inside my building? goodness thats simply doomed amazing! im beyond any doubt the brilliance will wear off soon however i feel okay with these individuals and what i will be doing so i can at last say that im blissful. 

simply thought you ought to all realize that im so terrified i cant slumber. this is such a gigantic venture for me. its the "adult" work. im terrified. 

frightened out of my freakin mind... 

so thats it! 

i would like everybody to know exactly how much Yahoo is a bitch. My companion is crapping a block on the grounds that he had no clue that everybody could see his last name! so after like 45 minutes of screwing around on Yahoo.com attempting to evaluate how to contact them in regards to this issue, i discovered the main path was through theprivacy segment. will you accept it? Tricky mongrels. So i sent them a touch of enquiring email asking for help on this. 

this evening i have novel perusing to do... gotta read. my novel. gotta find my direction... gotta compose. gotta accomplish the condemned thing! :) im so energized. 

i continue getting thoughts that have nothign to do with my book so i am going to need to file them some place. evaluate it i presume. 


i never said i was a brilliant globule... simply a knob. 

i simply advised that to a companion of mine on line and i have no fucking hint regarding why i said it. Perhaps as a reason for my absence of reaction to the discussion. I don't have a clue. All I know is I am so not only a globule! I am a fucking dark light! I am one of those knobs with colored plastic adhered surrounding it to seem as though its liquefying... 

in the event that you havent gotten the euphamism here this is on account of your simply a knob. 

so today i feel a bit peculiar. possibly all thats happened is occurring excessively quick for me to understand. im not working effectively. i sat through the end of Once Upon A Time In Mexico and asked why I was so needing in the society zone. ... . its loves dead to me. Society not the film. I have no clue who i am any longer i presume. on the other hand possibly i have recently let all that race and society poop go. i am not only a mexican. i am not only some A-Rab mutt young lady who's either gonna grow up to explode you or pick grapes... I am a craftsman! an essayist! a genuine bitch!